Saturday, February 26, 2011

Healthy Snacks for Traveling

Our next blog radio show, to be aired on Monday, February 28, is dedicated to the topic of how to make healthy choices while traveling. Here is a list of some healthy snack options to take with you on the road:

String cheese
Flavored water
100 Calorie snack packs
Protein Bars: Larabar or P90X bars are my personal favorites
Whole grain crackers
Lowfat popcorn
Mini cereal boxes of cheerios or a high-fiber cereal
Laughing cow cheese

**Tip** You can always put together snack combos at home, and place into snack baggies. This is a great way to portion control your servings.

Enjoy! Do you have any healthy snack ideas that are portable for work or travel? Please share!


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